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BMW Berlin branch

Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
Principal Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Industrial construction
Runtime 06.2012 - 03.2014

Prestigious new corporate headquarters in the federal capital.

As a general contractor, PORR erected the new BMW branch in Berlin from several components of the existing complex. The project involved the turnkey production of the property, including the technical building facilities and outdoor installations. Through its convenient location on several main traffic arteries, the new main branch can be seen by approximately 220,000 car movements every day and offers space for about 350 staff. The building has a gross floor area of 50,282m2 and in the two lower floors in the northern part houses the workshops and across, as three individual buildings, the MINI-cube, the car park and the BMW exhibition building. Joined thereto are the motorbike centre and the spiral access ramp, which is connected by three bridges to the car park.

When constructing the façade – it has a total area of 10,500m2 – three different façade types were used in the installation. Thus, the MINI element was covered with a dark transom/ mullion façade, while the BMW elements and the motorcycle centre on the ground floor as in the first upper floor were furnished with a grey-white transom/ mullion façade and in the storeys above with a sectional construction façade in horizontal aluminium slat construction.