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A293 Motorway Bridge Renewal

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Spezialtiefbau GmbH
Principal ARGE Fritz Spieker (Oldenburg) and Matthäi (Westerstede)
Location Oldenburg - Germany
Type Foundations
Runtime 02.2017 - 12.2018

Renewal of Motorway Bridge on the A293 near Oldenburg

In the course of the A293 motorway (bypassing west of Oldenburg), the 69 m long OL2 bridge construction must terminate on Alexanderstraße and be replaced by a new construction. The background of this is the structural analysis of the construction built in the 1970s based on the 2012 Federal recalculation guidelines. This led to the conclusion that in the long-term, the current bridge will not satisfy the increasing volumes of freight and traffic and it must be newly built.

PORR was commissioned with the pile foundation by ARGE Fritz Spieker (Oldenburg) and Matthäi (Westerstede). The construction work started in February 2017 with the production of test load piles. In March, the first partial demolition of the old bridge took place.
After evaluating the test loads, the implementation of the pile foundation was able to be started in May. The approx. 20 m long screw bored piles (Atlas piles) with a diameter of around 50 cm safely transfer the traffic and individual loads of the new bridge’s construction work underground. Thereby, each one of the approx. 200 Atlas piles take on a static load of 1,400 kN, which corresponds to a weight of 140 tonnes or 140,000 kg, the authorised total weight of three and a half fully loaded heavy-duty trucks. The completion of the pile foundation for the first construction phase took plane in mid-June 2017. The second construction phase should start in February 2018.


102 Atlas piles, ds/db = 46/56 cm, Nd ≤ = 1,400 kN, L ≤ = 20 m
2 static load tests