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A1, new construction of the Rhine bridge Leverkusen and ramp K35

Photo: Visualisation of the future motorway bridge – two separate structures running parallel to each other across the Rhine
Facts and Figures
Company PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA
PrincipalLandesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
LocationKöln - Germany
Type Bridge building
Runtime12.2017 - 12.2024

New Rhine bridge Leverkusen for best connections

The existing motorway bridge A1 Dortmund-Koblenz will be demolished, rebuilt and extended.  The new building comprises two structurally separate Rhine bridges as well as the 8-lane extension of the A1 between junction Cologne-Niehl and motorway interchange Leverkusen-West, the conversion of motorway interchange Leverkusen-West and adjustments in the area of junction Cologne-Niehl.

Technical data

Foreshore bridge (western bank of River Rhine):

  • Transfers the A1 via Rhine foreland, Merkenicher Hauptstrasse and Kasselberger Weg
  • Per superstructure: continuous beam over 6 sections, superstructure as prestressed concrete construction
  • Span in axis: 53.50 + 4x 68.00 + 51.45 m
  • Total span: 376.95 m
  • Width between the railings: 29.36 m

River bridge:

  • Transfers the A1 via the Rhine foreland, the Rhine, the A59, the distribution lanes of the A59 and the cycle path in the foreland on the eastern bank of the Rhine
  • Per superstructure: continuous beam over 7 sections, superstructure as steel or steel composite construction, cable-stressed supporting structure with A-pylons on both sides of the Rhine
  • Span in axis: 60.00 + 2x 74.00 + 280.00 + 2x 74.00 + 52.70 m
  • Total span: 688.70 m
  • Width between the railings: 29.36 to 35.66 m (direction Trier) and 29.36 to 33.65 m (direction Dortmund)

Bridge ramp distribution lane-Leverkusen (VF-LEV);

  • Transfers a distribution lane of the A59 over other distribution lanes of the A59
  • Continuous beam ocross 13 sections
  • Superstructure: steel composite cross-section with slackly reinforced concrete carriageway slab
  • Span in bridge axis (radian): 351.40 m
  • Total width: from 12.70 to 15.45 m