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A 100 - BATCH 5, Berlin

Photo: The concrete work is being done for the underwater concrete floor. The construction site is flooded, and looks like a river, due to the high water table. Two concrete pumping machines insert the concrete. The construction employees who monitor and supervise the works are on a pontoon.
Facts and Figures
Company Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH Region Ost
Principal Federal Republic of Germany
Location Berlin - Germany
Type Specialist civil engineering
Runtime 03.2016 - 06.2019

A 100, 16th CP – AD Neukölln to AS Am Treptower Park - Batch 5

A 100, 16th Construction phase (CP) – AD Neukölln to AS Am Treptower Park - Batch 5: km 22+465 to 23+015

The 16th construction phase of the A 100 is a component of the central ring road (mittlere Straßenring) in the state of Berlin. The 16th construction phase of the continuation of the A 100 ring road is built as a new section between the Neukölln motorway junction and the junction at Treptower Park.

The planning segment A 100, 16th CP is split lengthwise along the route into seven batches. Batch 5 covers a length of 550 m from km 22+465 to km 23+015. 

The route of the 5th batch is divided into five docks with a length of around 120 m respectively. The construction area is bordered by an allotment site to the East, and the Mergenthaler Ring commercial road and the Deutsche Bahn S-bahn line and its support structures to the West. A bridge construction is created in Dock 22 during the construction project to create an overpass above Kiefholzstraße. 

Within the construction project, an excavation is planned as a waterproof excavation construction. 

In addition to the sheet pile or diaphragm wall for the vertical sealing, an underwater concrete floor or jet grouting floor which is at least 1.0 m thick and anchored to the subsurface is created as horizontal sealing. The trough construction consists of an approx. 1.3 m thick floor and 8 m high, trough walls with a thickness of 1.2 m. The cross-section of the trough is 31 m wide.

All structures are created in open, waterproof excavations. The route is divided lengthwise into independent construction docks. The order of construction is set by a construction logistics concept. The waterproof trough components can only be produced after this construction excavation has been finished. 

The construction method chosen for batch 5 differs from that selected for batches 1 to 4. The boundaries at the sides of the excavation walls are formed using sheet piling and diaphragm walls. The excavation floor is constructed in excavation/construction docks 19 to 21 using a deep set jet stream floor. At this stage, the works to create the underwater concrete floor in construction dock 22 are finished.

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