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FOR OUR PLANET honors PORR as company with "Top Climate Commitment 2023

The study "Top Climate Commitment 2023" was conducted by FOR OUR PLANET, the sustainability brand of the Burda publishing house, in cooperation with the research institute FactField and the media brand FOCUS. Within the research period from February 24, 2022 to July 07, 2022, 200,000 companies were analyzed and evaluated. PORR is one of 216 companies to be awarded the title "Top Climate Commitment 2023".

PORR is one of 216 companies to receive the award © PORR

Due to the high consumption of energy and resources in the construction industry, the impact of the construction industry's business activities on society and the environment is both high and diverse. They require thinking globally and with an eye to the future. PORR lives up to this responsibility. With the "Green and Lean" sustainability strategy, which takes sustainability holistically into account in the three dimensions of environment, social and governance, it is actively shaping change as a leading construction company in Europe.

The study "Top Climate Commitment 2023" was realized in cooperation with Professor Schaltegger, founder of the Centre for Sustainability Management and head of the MBA Sustainability Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg. A complex methodology helped in the identification and analysis. The dimensions "previous commitment," "corporate climate management," "renewable energy and climate-friendly products," and "future commitment" were included in the evaluation. In the "Construction and Architecture" sector, PORR is one of the companies honored. The results were published in the FOCUS special issue "Climate Protection".

Read more about our "Green and Lean" strategy here:



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