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PORR and Doka establish industry solution for digital construction logistics

Digital process management as success factor

PORR, Austria's second largest construction group, together with Doka, a company of the Umdasch Group, are founding a joint venture to establish a mutual construction logistics platform to digitise and optimise processes related to ordering, delivery and invoicing processes. The stated aim: “construction logistics – connected & connecting”. The initiative is set to undertake pioneering work for the entire European market. The focus in the first stage is on the most complex of construction materials: in-situ concrete.

The issue of construction logistics is one of the biggest factors for productivity in the building process. Optimal process management and logistics knowhow are essential to ensure capacity utilisation remains at a constant high. And yet despite this, standardised, digital logistics solutions are rarely seen as an established feature in today’s construction business. Classic solutions in the form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or E-Procurement often show their limitations here and are unable to fully cover the complex demands of the industry.

“By bundling our digital and process knowhow, we are doing pioneering work for the entire European construction industry. At the same time, we are laying the foundation for a hitherto unique industry solution in the field of smart construction logistics. Because digitalising the construction value chain can only happen if we work together”, said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

Cooperative approach as top priority

“The joint venture will offer a shared logistics platform for the entire construction industry”, said Robert Hauser, CEO of Doka. “The goal of our cooperation is to eliminate barriers and to link together all of the industry’s existing systems. Here we place a huge value on confidentiality between customers and suppliers”.

PORR brings to the table its many years of expertise in digital delivery notes, with Doka contributing its knowhow in the field of Smart Pouring, an app for ordering concrete, along with further digital expertise from the Umdasch Group. The first step will see the joint venture tackle the digitalisation of the in-situ concrete process. The focus here is on the European market. The shared aim? To significantly reduce the amount of work required and minimise sources of error.

With a clear focus on data security and guaranteed confidentiality between customers and suppliers, the new industry solution will be accessible for every market participant. The initiative is designed to encourage active participation by other companies to drive constructive work on the common industry solution.


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