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PORR Oevermann is building “The Cradle”: a flagship for sustainable construction culture

Innovative, sustainable, unusual – these are the defining characteristics of a new landmark under construction on Dusseldorf’s Medienhafen waterfront. Since November 2020 an innovative office block is being built as a hybrid timber construction

The Cradle will be the first hybrid timber office block in Düsseldorf.

© INTERBODEN Gruppe/HPP Architekten; Visualisierung: bloomimages

The name of the project, “The Cradle”, is a reference to the cradle-to-cradle principle: the building will be a recyclable construction with a removable timber façade. 

The new timber-and-concrete structure will have a striking diamond-patterned façade made from wood and glass. This unusual façade will combine with the building carcass to form the superstructure for the building, as well as providing shade, natural ventilation, and individual recessed balconies overlooking the Rhine. Once complete, the building will have 7,200m² of office space, plus 600m² for high-quality cafés and restaurants on the ground floor.

PORR Oevermann, a subsidiary of PORR in Germany, was awarded the contract to build the carcass. High standards have been set for the execution: all building components and interior fittings must be Cradle-to-Cradle™ certified. This will keep waste and carbon emissions to a minimum. The project, pioneering from start to finish, had won a number of awards before construction even began.

PORR Oevermann already has some experience with implementing this technology in the west of Germany. For example, the hybrid construction model was successfully used for a seven-storey administrative block in Munster built for the SuperBioMarkt AG.


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