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PORR Germany named "Digital Champion 2021": DEUTSCHLAND TEST and FOCUS-MONEY honour companies in the field of digitization

Digitization has massively gained in importance across industries in recent years and is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. This is especially true for the construction industry. But not every company has jumped onto the digitalization bandwagon. Implementation of innovative technologies poses enormous challenges for many companies successfully. For PORR, the future areas of digitization and innovation are already firmly established in our daily work. The study ‘Digital Champion 2021’ confirms: PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA is a digital frontrunner in the construction industry.

PORR well positioned in terms of digitization

For several years now, PORR has been working intensively on future areas such as building information modeling (BIM), paperless construction site, and a new world of work in the form of collaborative virtual work. We continuously pursue the overarching goal of digitizing all work processes and making them more efficient in order to utilize resources in even more targeted ways to benefit PORR’s core business. The great advantage of digitization measures: With new technologies, construction projects can be implemented faster, more efficiently, more cost-effectively and, above all, more transparently.

BIM & LEAN: safe & cost effective

The innovative BIM and LEAN management working methods are integral to PORR. To achieve maximum success, agile BIM technology processes are combined with LEAN management. The result: This combined approach supports planners, clients and subcontractors in participating proactively and efficiently in the success of the project during all phases of the project. Optimum coordination, transparency and communication enable safety and cost effectiveness from project planning to implementation. 

Innovation as a way of life

Innovation must be lived for it to become a competitive advantage. The objective: To make PORR fit for the future. The ‘Technology Management and Innovation’ department was set up as a central point of contact for innovative ideas. It gives employees advice and support with any and all future-oriented ideas and developments.

The move to digitization is already paying off

In cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) as well as with the scientific support of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), the magazine FOCUS-MONEY carried out an extensive, cross-industry survey on the topic of digitization. DEUTSCHLAND TEST published the results in the study ‘Digital Champions 2021’. These results show that the move to digitization is already paying off for PORR.

Study results based on survey and online sources

Between January and December 2020, data was gathered from millions of websites, news sites, press releases and social media channels by searching for specific terms. Artificial intelligence software analysed company data in the categories of ‘innovation’, ‘digitization’ and ‘technology’. The results were supplemented by a questionnaire that was sent to the 10,000 largest companies in Germany. The companies with the best ratings were named ‘Digital Champion 2021’. PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA is one of the few companies in the “construction company” sector to be awarded the title of ‘Digital Champion 2021’.


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