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Berlin: PORR to build residential complex and serviced apartment block on Rummelsburger Bucht

On 3 December 2020, PORR, Investa RuBu 1 GmbH & Co. KG and Investa RuBu 2 GmbH & Co. signed the general contractor agreement for the turnkey construction of a residential complex and a serviced apartment block with commercial units. The site’s proximity to the Rummelsburg Lake means that groundwater levels will have to be lowered to accommodate the lower-lying parts of the building. PORR has already safely handled this and similar challenges in many other projects.

Over the past few years, a modern residential district has emerged along the shore areas surrounding Rummelsburger Bucht with numerous new buildings and refurbishments.

The owners, Investa Real Estate and the Groth Group, have now developed another attractive residential area in the south-east of Berlin in a direct waterfront location at the northern end of Rummelsburger Bucht.

The project comprises 71 apartments, 144 boarding house apartments, 12,529 m² of commercial space, 12 residential groups with a total of 92 rooms and a shared, partially lowered underground car park with 32 parking spaces.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2021, and the overall completion is planned for January 2023.


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