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Concreting on schedule - outstanding team performance during bridge construction work for A-100 extension at Treptower Park in Berlin

As part of the extension of Berlin’s BAB 100 urban motorway, PORR Civil Engineering and Stump-Franki Specialist Civil Engineering have formed a consortium to construct the last section of the 16th construction stage: a 225-metre-long sunken carriageway and a railway bridge for the Ringbahn – the circular S-Bahn line around the inner city. The superstructure EÜ RIN 01 was concreted with a total of 2,200 m3 of concrete within 24 hours on 29-30 July after intensive seven weeks of preparation in day and night work as well as Sunday work.

Important milestone reached: concreting on schedule. © Porr

The crossing structure is being built as a skew integral bridge with an exceptionally acute crossing angle of 35 gon. The tight reinforcement layout in a total of 14 layers is also technically demanding.

Milestone reached on schedule

In addition to work safety, schedule reliability is a top priority for the client, Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes. Including the expansion and track construction, it is imperative that the crossing structure be completed within 5 months until the closure break in November 2022. The concreting, which has now been completed on schedule, was made possible by the great team performance of the colleagues from the A100 project and Autobahn GmbH, as well as the active support of other teams from the PORR FAIR and Filstalbrücke projects. This means that an important milestone was successfully reached within the set schedule.


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