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PORR receives "Highest Quality 2022" award

Around 19,000 companies were analysed and evaluated in the study "Highest Quality 2022" by the F.A.Z. Institute and IMWF Institute. In a study period from 01 September 2021 to 31 August 2022, the performance of a company was assessed on the basis of the topics "Product Service", "Customer Satisfaction", "Innovation", "Environmental Sustainability and Recommendation" and "Quality". PORR Germany received the full number of points for "Highest Quality" and ranked first among the award-winning construction companies.

The study proceeded methodically in two steps: In a social listening process, around 16 million mentions in online sources were identified and assigned. Subsequently, the data was evaluated with regard to topic and tonality using artificial intelligence methods. In addition, comprehensive and structured online questionnaires were evaluated. The best company received 100 points in the evaluation system and forms the comparative value for all other companies in this industry. PORR Germany is the front-runner in its sector: with 100 points it was chosen as the reference company and receives the "Highest Quality 2022" award.

PORR secures quality promise through integrated management system

To ensure high standards, all work steps at PORR are documented in process flows and work instructions. Quality assurance is carried out during construction and as part of the acceptance of the work by means of internal quality assurance procedures. The independent certification company Quality Austria confirms the efficiency of the integrated quality management system and certifies PORR in accordance with the normative principles of ISO 9001:2015.

Everything important about our management system as well as the certificates and approvals of PORR Germany can be found here: Management system -

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