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Redevelopment of the Northern Harbour Island in Stralsund

In the 19th century, the Northern Harbor Island off Stralsund was artificially filled in. Listed brick silo and warehouse buildings, the futuristic Ozeaneum maritime museum and the Gorch Fock 1 museum ship form an impressive backdrop, which is demarcated from the Hansakai to the water's edge. Starting in 2021, the traffic areas and quay edges were comprehensively redeveloped. Stump-Franki's Berlin branch had been awarded the contract for the construction of micropiles to secure the new sheet pile walls as well as for the foundation of two new lattice towers and a set of steps along the Hansakai. The steps invite visitors to stroll along and provide a magnificent view of the Strelasund, which separates the traditional Hanseatic city from the Baltic island of Rügen. PORR Equipment Services supported with equipment and fleet management.

Impressive backdrop at Hansakai © Stump-Franki

Micropiles secure stairways, lattice towers and sheet pile wall

For the foundation of the stairway system and the two lattice towers, the special civil engineering team installed vertical grouted piles. The sheet pile walls were tied back using 63 inclined piles. A total of 2,600 linear meters of micropiles were installed at pile lengths of up to 33.5 meters. The bearing elements made of GEWI steel had diameters of 50 and 63.5 mm, while the bearing elements made of GEWI Plus steel had a diameter of 63.5 mm. With a vibration-free and low-noise production, the micropile represented the right method for the demanding construction task in the tourist environment: It was executed economically and with the aim of achieving high pile loads.

Hansakai becomes a place of experience with maritime character

The rehabilitation of the Hansa quay had also become necessary for safety reasons. The quay surface had overhung the sheet pile wall by more than 5 m and was therefore supported on the water side by steel columns. Structural investigations had revealed considerable corrosion damage, so that the quay edge in front of the Ozeaneum had already been closed in 2018. A 45 m high, aging lattice tower also no longer met the requirements of the valid wind load standard. Instead, two steel lattice towers with lighting platforms were erected at heights of 15 and 45 meters. They are intended to reflect the industrial character of the site and put the refurbished Hansakai in the right light. Stump-Franki project manager Frank Liedtke on the project: "Contributing to the preservation of such a culturally and historically significant site is always something special, despite our long experience. Since the construction site was located in a highly frequented tourist hotspot, safe and on-time execution had top priority."


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