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PORR is the industry winner of the "Pioneer in Social Responsibility 2024" study

For the 19th time, the consulting firm ServiceValue, in cooperation with the F.A.Z.-Institut, analysed which companies feel committed to social responsibility from the public's point of view. The construction group PORR Deutschland achieved the full score of 100 points in the study and was named the industry winner in the "Construction companies" category.

PORR is the industry winner.



For two years, more than 100 million internet sources, including editorial websites and social media, were screened as part of a social listening programme for around 14,000 companies. Using artificial intelligence, 2.5 million text fragments found were then assigned to the topics of social sustainability, employer, corporate culture, knowledge culture and family friendliness and categorised as positive, negative or neutral for each company in terms of tonality. Social sustainability was given the highest weighting of the five topic areas at 33 per cent, with all others receiving 17 per cent. With a score of 100, the industry winner with the best result for overall reach and overall tonality formed the benchmark for its industry. In the end, 523 companies from 77 sectors were awarded the title of "Pioneer in Social Responsibility 2024" with an above-average score.

Claude-Patrick Jeutter, Technical Managing Director of PORR in Germany, is proud of this award. It shows that PORR's forward-looking corporate culture is being recognised by the public. Throughout the Group, the focus is on the well-being of the employees. This is the only way a company can retain talent in the long term and strengthen its competitive position.

"Examples of our social responsibility include the comprehensive concepts for occupational health and safety, the PORR Academy for internal training and further education, the creation of an inclusive and appreciative environment as well as flexible working models, care and family programmes that cater to the individual life situations of employees," said Jeutter.




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