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PORR Germany named "one of the fairest construction companies 2022" by the F.A.Z. Institute

PORR Germany is one of "Germany's fairest construction companies 2022", according to the latest results of a study conducted by the F.A.Z. Institute. In cooperation with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, around 7.4 million mentions of around 17,000 companies in the areas of product and service, customer satisfaction, sustainability, price-performance and employer fairness were analysed during the study period from 16 December 2020 to 15 December 2021. On this basis, the companies that are "Germany's Fairest" will now be awarded.

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PORR Germany named "one of the fairest construction companies 2022" by the F.A.Z. Institute © PORR

The study is based on a comprehensive, two-stage analysis of social listening: First, all texts with relevant search terms were loaded from the web and recorded (crawling). Then a data analysis took place: With the help of artificial intelligence, the data was fragmented and analysed (processing).

Claude Jeutter, Managing Director of PORR Germany, is delighted about the award from the F.A.Z. Institute: "The evaluation impressively shows that companies today have to keep a wide range of interests in mind in addition to the wishes and requirements of their customers. For PORR, fair dealings with customers, employees and a wide range of construction partners have always played a dominant role. The study clearly shows that the topics of "Green and Lean" are increasingly moving to the centre of customer perception. Identifying unused potential, making business processes more sustainable - this is the central focus of our orientation."

In publishing the results, the authors of the study emphasise that fairness is to be assessed from different perspectives. Fairness from the customer's point of view means that customers and builders generally feel they are treated fairly if they receive competent customer service and high product quality at a fair price. For employees, on the other hand, it is primarily about the fairness of the company as an employer. Still other interest groups, such as environmental associations, relate the topic of fairness to sustainability, to the extent that social, economic and ecological responsibility are inextricably linked.


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