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PORR builds new daycare centre and school campus with a view in the Baakenhafen urban district

PORR is a welcome business partner in Hamburg's HafenCity. The latest general contractor contract for the Building Construction North Region involves the construction of a very special day care centre for SterniPark GmbH. The 8-storey building in the Baakenhafen sub-district, designed for up to 250 children, inspires with its organic design and unique harbour view. The colleagues from Stump-Franki are responsible for the planning and execution of the excavation pit and deep foundation.


© Limbrock Tubbesing Architekten und Stadtplaner

Building land is scarce in HafenCity, so practically all buildings are used from the mound to the roof. This also applies to the new daycare centre in the Baakenhafen subquarter, which is being built on both sides of the longest harbour basin to the west of the Elbbrücken quarter. The day care centre forms an architectural unit with an adjacent, also newly built primary school, in which some facilities are also shared or available to the public. While the school houses a gymnasium in the basement, the day-care centre will have a teaching pool on the terp floor - a matter close to the heart of the operator SterniPark, whose goal is to make the element of water accessible to as many children as possible. A technical school, a parents' café and a counselling centre for families will also be housed in the building.

A tree trunk as a symbol of growth

The German word Kindergarten is understood all over the world. In its design, the Danish office Werk Arkitekter has interpreted it literally. Two "tree trunks" with fixed functional areas form the organic core. Around them, the actual kindergarten is planned with group rooms and extensive, flexibly usable movement areas. According to the architects' conception, green play areas run through the entire building up to the roof terrace with playground and children's restaurant. Limbrock Tubbesing Architects developed the idea further in a design structure and in the implementation planning. The tree is now covered with leaves. All façades of the upper storeys have wall-mounted greenery.

Successful partnership at second glance

A contract was not concluded with the original general contractor. The second attempt with PORR was finally crowned with success. "We are pleased that previous talks at SterniPark were so well remembered. The daycare centre in Baakenhafen is a very unusual design for whose implementation we developed a needs-based and economical concept in a very short time," says Björn Motzkus, technical branch manager of PORR Hochbau Region Nord. "PORR's experience with the construction challenges in the HafenCity area also played a role in the awarding of the contract," adds Motzkus. The Campus Futura and the construction pit for the Strandkai quarter by PORR subsidiary Stump-Franki are two exemplary references in HafenCity. Ambitious deadlines have also been set for the new daycare centre: Construction is scheduled to start in March 2022, with completion by the end of 2023.  



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