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Hafencity Hamburg: Final spurt for Project roots

Germany's largest timber hybrid high-rise is being built in Hamburg's Hafencity - the roots. Where docks and old warehouses used to stand, the project developer, GARBE Immobilien-Projekte GmbH, is currently realising this extraordinary building project with 19 floors and a height of approx. 65 metres. Oevermann Hochbau is building the shell. The special feature of the building: it is a combination of conventional reinforced concrete construction and a wooden supporting structure. Only through a perfect interaction between solid construction and timber construction can a load-bearing structure be created.

PORR climbs Germany's tallest timber hybrid tower © PORR


181 flats are being built on a gross floor area of 36,000 m². In addition, the German Wildlife Foundation is moving into around 4,000 m² of exhibition, office and catering space. A total of approx. 5,500 m³ of softwood will be used for the construction of this impressive and sustainable building. The construction method not only contributes to the reduction of CO2, but also limits noise emissions during implementation.

Well-organised construction site logistics.

The structural engineering team from Münster started with the structural work in May 2021 on behalf of GARBE Immobilien-Projekte GmbH from Hamburg. The new building is divided into two components: A 19-storey tower and a timber-framed structure with seven storeys. The construction site area is limited and requires very precise planning and logistics in order to carry out the work in the best possible way. The access cores of the hybrid building are being erected using the proven reinforced concrete construction method.

Flexible reactions to changes in the construction sequence.

A special feature in the execution of this construction project is the crane-dependent climbing formwork. Due to site requirements, all three staircases are being constructed using the climbing method. This method was originally only planned for the tower area, but was also used for the transom structure in order to optimise the construction sequence. The work of our structural engineering experts ran parallel to the timber construction work on the façade. The prerequisite for this is a load-bearing and accurately fitting construction of the concrete structure. For the parallel work with the climbing formwork and the subsequent timber construction below the concrete structure, special safety concepts were developed in cooperation with Doka, our work preparation department and the site team. Our colleagues on site control and monitor the construction process and are committed to performing their daily tasks.

In December 2022, and thus one month before the contract deadline, the concrete construction work on the timber frame structure (components 2 + 3) was completely finished. In the area of the tower, the concrete construction with the climbing formwork is on the last metres. Only 2 floors are still to follow - a precision landing in terms of schedule. The wall and ceiling assembly of the timber construction is currently taking place on the 11th floor.


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