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The new skywalk at the Königsstuhl: Secure foundation for Rügen's top attraction

As part of the new construction of a floating barrier-free viewing platform for the Königsstuhl National Park on the island of Rügen, Stump-Franki realised the pile foundation and anchoring of the impressive skywalk in August and September 2021. The new platform was opened in April 2023.

Rügen's top attraction: The Königsstuhl © Stump-Franki

The chalk coast of Rügen is a dynamic landscape. Wind and weather leave their mark on the chalk cliffs. This also applies to the Königsstuhl National Park Centre, which attracts many visitors with its popular viewing platform in the chalk cliffs, the Königsgrab. Especially at the transition to the platform, erosion left its mark. The town of Sassnitz and its construction partners planned a new floating barrier-free viewing platform above the Königsstuhl.

The elliptical, suspended bridge was built in just under two years while visitor traffic continued. The special civil engineering team founded the foundations for the mast and the guy wires in the chalk up to 48 metres deep. 7 drilled piles and 24 strand anchors were used as secure foundations. The construction project presented the team with great challenges: The demanding terrain required test drillings in advance to thoroughly examine and evaluate the building ground. In addition, the work had to be carried out during ongoing operations. The experts mastered this task in day and night shifts and completed the work within the agreed schedule.

© Stump-Franki


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