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Pavement rehabilitation on the B258 near Monschau

PORR Verkehrswegebau Düren has been awarded the contract by the Ville-Eifel regional branch of the North Rhine-Westphalia road construction authority for the rehabilitation of the federal road 258 over a length of around 2,300 metres, as well as the national road 245 over a length of around 1,000 metres. The work will last from April 2024 until the end of the year.

The federal roads 258 leads from Mayen to Aachen and is the most important traffic artery through the Eifel. Around the medieval town of Monschau, it enables "small border traffic" between the Eifel and East Belgium and even crosses Belgian territory for 3 kilometres. Due to heavy use by commuters and tourists, sections of the heavily used road have been undergoing renovation for several years.

The road surface rehabilitation commissioned to PORR Verkehrswegebau begins at kilometre 2+350 at the Rothe Kreuz car park and ends at the K 25/K26 junction just before Monschau-Höfen. Of this, around 1520 metres will be paved from above and 780 metres from below. The L 245 will be fully rehabilitated from the B258 junction in the direction of Büllingen for around 1000 metres to the Belgian border. The main services include approx. 7,000 m³ of earthworks including frost protection layer, approx. 6,500 m² of AC 32 TS asphalt base course, approx. 12,600 m² of AB 16 BS SG asphalt binder course and approx. 26,000 m² of AC 11 DS asphalt surface course.

Due to its great importance for inter-regional traffic, the B258 is mainly being widened with half-side closures. A full closure is only planned for the laying of the asphalt surface course and only at weekends. Parts of the construction site border on the Eifel National Park with important water management protection zones. An important measure for preventive environmental protection is the operation of the construction equipment with biodegradable hydraulic oils.


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