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ICE test runs over the Filstal bridge

Now that the slow test runs of the "Schwäb`sche Eisebahne" have been completed, the speed test on the 60-kilometre new Wendlingen-Ulm line is in full swing. During the so-called high-speed runs, the ICE with its power of almost 13,000 hp will gradually increase its speed up to 275 km/h. The train will also pass the Filst river. This will also involve crossing the Filstal bridge. Across the Filstal valley on the Drackenstein slope, it connects the Boßlertunnel and the Steinblühtunnel. With a length of 485 m and a height of up to 85 m, it is one of the highest bridges in Germany. ARGE EÜ Filstal Max Blögl/PORR was commissioned with the construction. However, a top speed of "only" 250 km/h is planned over the bridge. Passengers are expected to travel over the high-speed road from mid-December 2022.

Click here for the SWR-AKTUELL report with the video showing a view from the driver's cab:


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