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Press release

Porr Deutschland is awarded the contract to build two hotels an a residential building in Freiburg

At the end of June, Revitalis Real Estate AG commissioned Porr Deutschland GmbH with the turnkey construction of a building project worth approx. 35 million euros. The project will be processed by an internal joint venture between the large-scale civil engineering department in Frankfurt as the main partner and the Düsseldorf branch.

The three buildings are part of the “Freiraum–Living” project in Freiburg. They are to be built on three plots with a total area of 11,660 m² and are part of the “Alten Güterbahnhof” (old freight yard) quarter, an area of 390,000 m² which is to be developed for residential and working purposes in future. The area is only about 2 km from Freiburg city centre and the main railway station.
The shape of the five-storey Super 8 hotel building is long and straight, parallel to the plot border along the construction zone Isfahanallee, and adjoins the new hotel building Hampton by Hilton in the north, which completes the block along Kantinenstraße. A joint hotel approach is planned for the two hotels within the block and via Zita-Kaiser-Straße. There is an underground car park under most of the plot, with 98 spaces available for the guests of the two hotels. The entry to the underground car park will by via the Hampton by Hilton hotel.

Landlord and operator of the Super 8 hotel is GS Star GmbH. The franchisee Wyndham Hotel Group will operate the 2** economy class hotel with a total of 205 rooms. The building, approx. 17.11 m high and with a gross floor space of approx. 4,500 m², harmonises in terms of façade design with the neighbouring Hampton by Hilton hotel. The façade has a thermal insulation composite system, is characterised by irregularities in the form of contrasting open and closed areas, and blends in elegantly with the city landscape. The generous room-high glazing in the public areas on the ground floor of both hotels emphasise this impression.
The 3*** Hampton by Hilton hotel is also an economy class hotel and will be operated by the franchisee Hilton Hotel Group in the near future. Landlord of the building is Instar GmbH. The six-storey hotel with 175 rooms on a gross floor space of approx. 8,000 m² and a building height of 20.1 m is at the head of plot A2. Completion of the hotels is planned for the first quarter 2017.
Along the southbound road, 100 rented flats are to be built in three buildings, as well as two individual houses connected via the ground floor. The five- or six-storey residential buildings have a joint underground car park with about 135 spaces. Overall, the complex has a gross floor space of about 18,425 m². The layout of the individual buildings creates a green inner court as a common area. Shops and a nursery on the ground floor enhance living quality. In addition, the flats will have balconies or patios on the ground floor or rooftop terraces on the stepped storeys.

As far as sustainability is concerned, the residential buildings will be built in accordance with the energy standard of the Freiburg Efficiency House 55. The hotel will meet the requirements of the Freiburg Efficiency House 70.

The total construction period for the project will be approx. 20 months.

Author: Sibylle Malitz
Press release