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PORR to build rail tunnel for Erdinger Ringschluss at Munich Airport

Tender volume: approx. EUR 110m

The Erdinger Ringschluss will significantly enhance the performance and connectedness of the existing rail infrastructure.

The Erdinger Ringschluss will significantly enhance the performance and connectedness of the existing rail infrastructure.

© Flughafen München GmbH

Munich, 28 February 2018 – Flughafen München GmbH has charged PORR with the extension of the existing railway tunnel. The tunnel, which currently ends at the level of the Terminal 2 satellite, will be expanded by around 1.8 kilometres to the east. This will be followed by the construction of the overground stretch for rail traffic from north-east Bavaria including the Schwaigerloh sidings and turnaround. This system for turning trains will play a key role in stabilising the quality of operations of suburban and regional rail traffic to the airport. The tender volume for the tunnel extension has a gross value of around EUR 110m. 
The shell construction of the rail tunnel that is already in place below the airport should be expanded to the east as far as the future airport boundaries with a tunnel measuring around 1,555 m and a ramp structure with a length of 306 m. The rectangular, single-tube tunnel has space for two sets of tracks with its clear width of 11 m. 
“In its role as partner, our subsidiary Stump Spezialtiefbau will give key support in executing the project. Already in the tender phase, the contribution of Stump and the PORR civil and structural engineers led to significant savings compared to the original construction plans, achieved through customised solutions,” said Stephan Hebgen, Managing Director of PORR Deutschland GmbH. 
The tunnel will primarily be driven using the cut-and-cover method. What makes this project special is the exceptionally tight timeline relating to the eastern area of the airfield of the satellite terminal, where around 250 m of the tunnel will be built. Once the works on the airfield begin, there will be a mere nine-month construction period for building the tunnel and fully restoring operations on the airfield. The tunnel project is a key component of the Erdinger Ringschluss and will connect the airport with the town of Erding as well as the adjacent suburban and regional rail network. 
Erdinger Ringschluss 
Today Munich Airport’s rail access consists of two railway lines heading west. The S8 and S1 lines run to the airport via Ismaning and Neufahrn and end at the railway station below the central area. The Erdinger Ringschluss is a 30.2 km-long, double-track railway line, part of which will be newly built; it is set to connect Freising and Erding via Munich Airport. The tunnel extension underneath the airport will serve as an important public transport link in the north of Munich. The overground stop at Schwaigerloh will be newly built and include a system for turning trains, so trains coming from Regensburg or Landshut could be reversed after stopping at the airport.  
Facts and figures at a glance:

Project type:Civil engineering, foundation engineering, earthworks
Scope of services:Construction of a tunnel with a length of approx. 1,555 m and a 306 m ramp structure
Client:Flughafen München GmbH (Munich Airport)
Contractor:PORR Deutschland GmbH / PORR Bau GmbH
Order volume:EUR 110m gross
Construction start:March 2018

PORR in Germany  
PORR is a full service provider active in every area of the construction industry. The service range includes building construction, traffic infrastructure and bridge construction, tunnelling and specialist civil engineering, power plant construction, hydraulic engineering, industrial construction and refurbishment, as well as environmental engineering and project development. In 2016 the PORR Group generated construction output of EUR 802m in Germany, representing an increase of 26.5%. The order backlog was EUR 1,350m and thereby up by 4.7% year-on-year. PORR employs around 2,800 people in Germany. PORR AG, headquartered in Vienna, has a workforce of around 19,000 and production output of approximately EUR 3.9bn in 2016, making it one of the largest construction companies in Europe. Germany is the most important foreign market of PORR AG.

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