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Milestone for PORR - PORR signs largest order in company’s history

Milestone for PORR - PORR signs largest order in company’s history

(12 June 2013, Vienna) The signing of the “Green Line” project for the Doha metro is planned for mid June and will mark the largest tender in PORR’s history. The complete tender is worth around EUR 1.89bn and has been awarded to a consortium consisting of PORR and its local partner SBG and HBK. Here PORR is responsible for 50% of the overall project, representing an order volume of around EUR 945m for the Group. This has led the PORR order backlog to reach a historic high of almost EUR 4.5bn.
This tender follows the enabling works awarded to PORR in August last year, involving preparatory work for the construction of the Doha metro. The “Green Line” project will see the construction of a double tunnel tube with a length of 16.6km and also involves building six metro stations over a 5-year construction period. The complete Doha metro project consists of the Red Line North, Red Line South, Gold Line, Green Line and flagship stations and is part of a far-reaching infrastructure initiative in the course of Qatar’s “National Development Plan for 2030”.
CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss: “A testament to our performance”
“We have been preparing intensively for this tender for the past two years, including setting up a dedicated subsidiary in Qatar as a hub for the entire region. In a relatively short time we were able to convince the awarding authorities of the high quality of our work and PORR’s reliability, which makes us the best partner for complex infrastructure projects”, said CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss, who believes that this order is a testament to PORR’s exceptional expertise in the infrastructure sector. “PORR’s principle is ‘know your market, know your customers’ and our team on site has worked closely together with the Executive Board in order to achieve this milestone in our company’s history thanks to their extensive experience and in-depth market knowledge”. 
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