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HafenCity Hamburg – Porr Deutschland GmbH is awarded the contract for the Campus Futura project

[Translate to English:] Hafencity Hamburg

[Translate to English:] Porr Deutschland GmbH erhält Auftrag für das Projekt Campus Futura

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In the middle of the centrally located HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, a JUFA city hotel with neighbouring residential apartment block is to be built by the end of 2017. The client, Campus Futura GmbH & Co. KG, commissioned the large-scale civil engineering department of PORR Deutschland GmbH to construct the group of buildings, drafted by KBKN Architects, with the construction contract worth approx. 30 million euros.

The site is 4,400 m² in size and bordered by Versmannstrasse to the north and the Promenade am Baakenhafen to the south. The know-how of the large-scale civil engineering department of the Frankfurt branch is in great demand for this project. The intermediate floor and basement are located in the Elbe flood area, which requires special constructional measures related to flood protection. In addition, there is an underground train station located in the northern part of the site, which must be integrated in the construction of the planned hotel or straddled.

The seven-storey youth and family hotel features 220 rooms, suites, rooms for seminars and events, a restaurant with rooftop terrace on the 1st floor as well as other family-friendly highlights such as an indoor adventure area. Adjacent to the hotel, 22 owner-occupied high-quality flats are to be built with 13 commercial units on the ground and intermediate floors. The flats are between 50-140 m² in size and all have a balcony or roof patio. The hotel and the residential building will have joint use of the two-storey underground car park, which will have approx. 116 spaces. Within the underground car park, there is access (connection) to the underground car park on the neighbouring plot (plot 81b) planned per storey. Both underground car parks will be entered via a joint access in Versmannstrasse.

The protrusions and offsets, cantilevered loggias and angled support structures on the ground floor, which serve to brace the upper floors over the underground train station, give the building the necessary lightness, supplemented through the rooftop terrace on the 1st floor which is located in the centre of the building complex.

The façade itself is typically Hanseatic, with a thermal insulation composite system and clinker brick facing. The ground floor and the mezzanine are to have a natural stone façade, interrupted by aluminium post and rail façade elements.

As far as sustainability is concerned, the residential building will be built in accordance with the energy standard of the Hamburg Efficiency House 55. In addition, the construction project will meet the requirements of the ecolabel “Sustainable Building in the HafenCity GOLD”.

The total construction period for the planned project, which has approx. 22,500 m² gross floor space will be
approx. 21 months.

Author: Sibylle Malitz 
Press release


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