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Press release

Berlin receives the contract for Lot 5 of the BAB A 100 project

View over the cmpleted cutting’s structure and the flyover of Kiefholzstrasse © ARGE SRB

The Infrastructural Civil Engineering branch of Berlin has recently been able to book a success in Berlin and it is continuing to implement PORR’s strategy of growth in Germany successfully as a result.

The Senate’s Administrative Department awarded the contract on 28th September 2015 for Lot 5 in Construction Phase 16 from the AS Neukoelln to the AS Am Treptower Park.

Lot 5 is one of seven construction lots altogether. The structure is 550 m long and about 42 m wide. The diaphragm walls go down to 25 m below ground level. The contract’s value is about € 39,000,000. PORR will build the civil engineering structures in this lot, as well as the roads in the area of Kiefholzstrasse. PORR will also divert and re-lay the conduits of public utility companies, not only during the construction but also when it has been completed. A bridge will have to be erected over the cutting’s structure because the future A100 road crosses Kiefholzstrasse below it. The construction project includes building the rainwater pumping station as well as a drainage basin lying under the carriageway. The cutting’s inner walls are clad with noise barriers.

The structures will be built in open, waterproofed excavations because almost two-thirds of the later structural shell is located below the groundwater’s surface. The lot is subdivided longitudinally into five independent constructional sections, which will be built in a specified sequence. The parts of the cutting’s structure that are impermeable to water will only be built after this excavation has been completed during the construction period. The excavation comprises anchored diaphragm walls and sheet piling as well as a back-anchored, submersed concrete bed.

The project is being carried out as a joint venture between Porr Deutschland GmbH and Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH. The trusting cooperation of both companies was a decisive factor that is contributing to the project’s success.

Lot 5 will be completed in 2019.

Author: Reinhold Huehn
Press release


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