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Press release

Berlin receives the contract for "Am Mauerpark" in central Berlin

Visualisation "Am Mauerpark" in Berlin © Fuchshuber Architekten GmbH

The Berlin branch of Porr Deutschland GmbH has been awarded three general contractor orders for the construction of a new district in central Berlin.

In summer 2015 the Berlin branch of Porr Deutschland was awarded the first general contractor order for the construction of block E in the building zone “Am Mauerpark” in central Berlin. On 11 December 2015 Porr signed two further general contractor orders for blocks C and D in Berlin.

Following intensive discussion and coordination we are extremely pleased that the three general contractor orders were signed within the context of cooperation commitments as agreed between client and contractor. The overall net volume for blocks C, D and E is 43 million euros.

Construction work is to start on block E in January 2016, and for blocks D and C staggered during the 1st and 2nd quarter 2016. A total of 284 flats are being built to different quality standards as well as 193 student apartments. The new residential area also includes blocks A and B which are currently still under development by the investor. The overall development of the project is through the Groth-Group Berlin, which is also responsible for all the site development and road building measures.

The “Mauerpark” is located near the traditional Berlin Wall strip and the culture and event park “Am Mauerpark” in central Berlin.

The logistic coordination required for the development of a completely new building zone and the above-mentioned residential and student buildings, which are currently all served by one access road, presents a special challenge. The first blocks and the student accommodation will be finished by August 2017.

Author: Marko Lehmann
Press release


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