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Press release

Two become one: PORR merges Polish subsidiaries

Based in its headquarters in Warsaw, PORR S.A. covers every aspect of the modern construction industry as a full service provider with immediate effect.

Based in its headquarters in Warsaw, PORR S.A. covers every aspect of the modern construction industry as a full service provider with immediate effect.


Warsaw, 4 May 2017 – With the fusion of PORR Polska Infrastructure and PORR Polska Construction, the PORR management anticipates further dynamic growth on the Polish market. Potential, synergies and expertise are set to be exploited even more effectively and the team deployed more efficiently. With over 1,500 staff members, the new PORR S.A. should generate production output of over PLN 2 bn (around EUR 475m) in 2017. 
The core competency of PORR Polska Construction was in building construction and railway construction, while PORR Polska Infrastructure specialised in infrastructure, energy and civil engineering. With immediate effect, PORR S.A. covers every aspect of the modern construction industry as a full service provider. 
Powerful together 
Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR, underlines the important role played by the local management in the sustainable business growth and consolidation of the market position. “With its comprehensive knowledge of the market and clients, the management guarantees the efficient work, the effective expansion and the strengthening of our competitive advantages. What’s more, we are delighted that PORR’s 30th anniversary in Poland comes at the same time as this trailblazing merger.” 
Also optimistic is Piotr Kledzik, the Board member of the Polish PORR S.A. responsible for infrastructure. He sees the expansion of competencies and the optimised processes as an opportunity to realise even more demanding projects. “We want to be among the best on an exciting, fiercely contested market well into the future”, said Piotr Kledzik. 
“I am certain that with our experienced team and cutting-edge technology we will be able to master every difficult challenge in Poland in the future”, added Peter Hartmann, the PORR S.A. Board member responsible for building construction. 
The current management have been working intensively on the internal organisational structure of the new company even before the official merger. “For example, we already established the Shared Service Center. This has given our operating teams strong support so that they can concentrate on their core business – for the benefit of our clients”, said Jakub Chojnacki, Board member of PORR S.A. responsible for commercial affairs. 
Current projects in Poland 
PORR is currently working on large-scale projects in the fields of infrastructure, building construction, railway construction and hydraulic engineering. Notable projects include the expressways S8, S6, S17, S6/S11, the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek and the headquarters of the university hospital in Krakow-Prokocim. 
PORR S.A. has recently acquired multiple tenders, for example the second phase of an office building in Poznan, the Business Garden Poznań II. In railway construction the modernisation of the Poznan–Pila line is on the agenda, with a volume of around EUR 141.9m. PORR is part of a consortium that is modernising a 15-kilometre-long stretch of the E30, which links Katowice with Krakow, with an order value of around EUR 70.5m. 
Further projects include the renovation of a dam on the Oder in Wroclaw and the construction of the first section of the Lwówek-Odolanów gas pipeline. 
In recent years PORR has successfully expanded from Poland to Norway with a local subsidiary. PORR has already built the Harpe and the Tresfjord Bridge as a general contractor and is now on course to complete three more bridges with a total value of around EUR 170m. Last September the company also signed an agreement to build a tunnel in Norway with a tender volume of around EUR 37.5m.


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