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PORR and STRABAG begin work on metro expansion in Vienna

Vienna, 18. December 2020 – A consortium of Austria’s two largest construction companies has won the tender for the first phase of the largest connected construction project of Wiener Linien, the Vienna public transport provider. A total of seven kilometres of tunnel will be driven and four new stations built as part of the redirection of the U2 line. The contract value for the consortium – in...
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PORR earnings burdened by COVID effects

Adjusted order backlog1 rises to EUR 6.8 bn Production output totals EUR 3.8 bn Q3 EBT negative at EUR -62.4m Positive outlook for 2021 Vienna, 26.11.2020 – Austria's second largest construction group, PORR, with about 20,000 employees, has generated production output of more than EUR 3.8 bn in its 9 countries in the first three quarters of 2020. The COVID pandemic has had a massive...
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PORR expects negative result in 2020 due to COVID effects

Vienna, 17.11.2020 – Austria's second largest construction group, PORR, with about 20,000 employees, is expected to achieve a production output of more than EUR 5 bn in its 9 countries this year. The COVID pandemic also has a massive impact on PORR's business activities and, in addition to a revaluation of projects, will probably result in a negative EBT (earnings before taxes) in the range of EUR...
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Contract to build the Pfons-Brenner lot remains valid

Vienna, 28.10.2020 – The withdrawal announced yesterday by BBT SE from the contract concluded on 28 March 2018 between the consortium H51 Pfons-Brenner and BBT SE to build the Pfons-Brenner lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel is plainly unlawful and therefore the contract remains valid. PORR AG will take every step necessary to protect its rights.
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Solid order backlog, results affected by COVID-19

Coronavirus impacts production output and earnings Order backlog at an all-time high of over EUR 7.6 bn New direction and acceleration of the PORR 2025 transformation Uncertainty in 2020 continues; long-term positive trend intact Vienna, 26.08.2020 – The ongoing coronavirus pandemic impacted both production output (EUR 2.3 bn) and EBT (EUR -26.6m) and has led to a year-on-year decrease....
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PORR creates more space for new ideas

Vienna/Zurich, 03.08.2020 – PORR has handed over one of Switzerland’s largest office buildings after a construction period of around a year. The former headquarters of Swissair has been expanded to form a total of ten storeys, all while normal operations were ongoing. The project was awarded by Priora Suisse AG. The contract is worth around EUR 46.5m (approx. CHF 50m).
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PORR to build the new site of the Supreme Audit Office

Vienna/Prague, 21.07.2020 – PORR has been entrusted with realising the new office building of the Supreme Audit Office in Prague. The contract is the first major public project in the Czech Republic to be realised in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book (design & build). It will simultaneously serve as a pilot project to fully utilise the trailblazing methods of Building Information Modeling...
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A1-Rheinbrücke Leverkusen

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