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Future Zalando Headquarter in Berlin celebrates topping-out ceremony

Richtfest Zalando

v. l.: Marko Lehmann, Techn. Branch Manager PORR Deutschland GmbH, Mag. Thomas G. Winkler, CEO UBM AG, Christian Berger, General Manager UBM Development Deutschland GmbH

© UBM / Harry Schnitger

The celebratory topping-out wreath was solemnly lifted over the future headquarters of Zalando SE today in the presence of Dr. Andrea Hochreuter, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Economic Order at the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, as well as Zalando Vice President of Real Estate Raimund Paetzmann. The double building is being constructed to plans by HENN Architekten, not far from the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin's Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. The handover is scheduled for autumn 2018.
Zalando has leased a total of around 42,000 square meters of office, café/canteen and day care space in the seven-storey office complex. The new headquarter forms the heart of the Zalando campus and brings together staff from various branches of the city to a central location. The complex includes its own day care center, a café and canteen area, a roof terrace for sports activities, as well as car parking spaces. PORR Germany, ZNL Berlin, has been commissioned with the construction work as the general contractor. 
To mark the topping-out ceremony, Dr. Andrea Hochreuter, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Economic Order at the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, said: "The new Zalando headquarter impressively shows how quickly a Berlin start-up has developed into one of the region's largest employers. Digitization has become a significant factor in Berlin's economy. Companies like Zalando are successfully contributing to the fact that 20 percent of Berlin's economic growth is now provided by the digital industry." 
Raimund Paetzmann, Vice President of Zalando Real Estate: "Zalando is a Berlin company. We are active in many European countries, but Berlin is clearly our home and it shall stay that way - the Zalando Campus demonstrates this. We are happy to be a part of the urban development of Berlin and especially Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. At the opening of the Zalando Campus headquarters, we are enabling our 6,000 Berlin employees to work together within walking distance of each other, bringing us a step closer to our goal of becoming a sustainable and urban headquarter. 
Marko Lehmann, PORR Branch Manager Berlin, explained: "We have already built two buildings on the Anschutz site as the general contractor and are doing everything we can to hand over the Zalando headquarters on time in the fall of 2018 - this striking building is something special for us." 
Christian Berger, Managing Director of UBM Development Deutschland GmbH, commented: "Today at the topping-out ceremony, it is already clear that this building fulfills special aesthetic standards and sets an example that goes far beyond the city of Berlin. We are proud to realize this ambitious project with our partners and look forward to expressing our commitment to innovative and cooperative building." 
The architectural design concept 

The floor plans reinterpret the typical Berlin block perimeter development. They move the courtyards to the outer edges of the plots. This opening creates transitions between the offices and the public space. The vertical atrium in the main building opens with a void over the entire height of the building, diverting daylight down to the ground floor areas. The central lobby is flanked by a staircase with seating and lounge areas, which can also be used for events. The auditorium, as well as the conference and training zones are adjacent to a café and canteen. The work zones themselves adapt flexibly to changing team sizes. Central areas for project work are located in the middle. Starting from this interactive core, the working atmosphere gradually transforms into quiet concentration and retreat zones for each individual. So-called catwalks connect the individual neighborhoods. These allow informal meetings and strengthen the multidisciplinary nature of everyday work at Zalando.