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We are committed to a diverse future of equal opportunities.

The permanent changes and challenges of our world of work require a modern, future-oriented corporate culture. We have launched the PORR Diversity Initiative so that PORR can retain its appeal as an employer in the long term. Our goal is to guarantee equal opportunities across every level and every country and to draw on the diversity of our colleagues from more than 70 nations even more effectively in future.


How an idea became a concrete initiative.

The issue of diversity had been on our unofficial agenda for months. Finally, the green light for the first subproject of our PORR Diversity Initiative was given in the fourth quarter of 2015: Work&Life@PORR. 

The groundwork involved two areas: on the one hand workshops with employees from different company divisions. Together everyone had to identify the issues they consider important with regard to Work & Life. On the other hand, we conducted a benchmark analysis so that we could learn from previous successful initiatives. The findings were incorporated into our concept for the Diversity Initiative.

Our programme.

Equality not exclusion, making the world of work more flexible, and achieving a better work-life balance for every staff member – these are the issues we are focusing on intensively in our first subproject. The next stage will involve exploring questions related to age, gender, ethnic origin or religion, as well as securing future talent, heterogeneous teams at every level of the hierarchy and promoting good health.

The measures prepared before are currently tested in the scope of different pilot projects in the headquarters in Vienna as well as in selected locations in Austria. After the test phase is successfully completed the proven models will be implemented across the group in consideration of country-specific characteristics. The programmes will continue to be subsequently evaluated. Thus we ensure that the measures are oriented to the needs of our PORRians.