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Work preparation technical office service

People at PORR . Georgia K.

Why is your job important at PORR?

My contribution to work preparation is an important component in the overall mosaic of the building success. Work preparation supports the teams on the construction sites in different areas in order to mutually lead challenging PORR projects to success. Furthermore, our planning plays an important role in the acquisition of new projects because we are able to optimise the offer price in collaboration with the calculation department.

What does your normal work day look like?

I welcome my team and then start to prepare my projects. Scheduling and site equipment planning, drafting of concepts from the offer phase through to the completion of different buildings, planning of demands and ordering materials are only a few tasks that are processed by work preparation and they significantly contribute to the success of the construction sites. The core work preparation in Munich manages numerous construction sites in Germany at the same time so that the main assignment is the coordination of projects.

What qualifications are necessary?

It is important to be able to work as part of a team and be reliable because the cooperation involves many different construction site teams. A pronounced awareness of responsibility, personal initiative and ability to coordinate are just as important. Basic technical knowledge and the ability to use the software in place are indispensable, particularly when dealing with solving daily challenges.

I enjoy working at PORR because

I enjoy my world of work that is full of responsible tasks and I always get to work with wonderful people. My colleagues are the most important part of my job and they motivate me the most to enjoy the work that I do every day. My resolutions including giving it my best in every situation during each encounter, with each thought and with positive motivation and to use all the opportunities.