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Site manager special civil Engineering

People at PORR . Hendrike G.

Why is your job important at PORR?

Construction management entails many different threads for a single project and they need to be sorted and re-linked. The site manager acts as a “link” between the employer and the construction site and ensures the professional implementation of the activities. Furthermore, he/she also implements what has been manually created into figures, which can then be used in different Areas. The responsible site management job enables the professional implementation of a project in terms of the customer and it is a foundation for good cooperation.

What does your typical work day look like?

The day usually starts around 7:30 in the morning with a call from the construction site. During that call we discuss important tasks – daily chores – e.g. creating correspondence, obtaining and bundling information and coordinating the work of specialists on site.

This is followed by the morning walk around the construction site. The presence of the site manager is important because he/she is responsible for the safety and coordination of the employees as a personal contact. He/she also holds discussions with different specialists. There are checks to see the construction progress and to see which problems have occurred or could occur in the future. It is important to inspect the construction site with “open eyes” and to see which work has priority and what needs adjustment. A constant eye on your own safety as well as that of the other employees is a matter of course. A tour around the site usually results in new tasks, there are new coordination activities between the specialists and the suppliers. The current coordination with the employer and possible plan changes or adjustments are just as important.

If the tasks and the tour on the site have been completed, it is necessary to create and evaluate a production log. The site manager then completes the administrative tasks – for example checking the supplier invoices, writing invoices, limiting internal costs and services, formulating supplements and much more. The day ends with another tour around the construction site.

What qualifications are necessary?

A site manager must always be mobile and flexible. He/she must be able to “jump” between different issues and areas of responsibility. Thus, a high level of flexibility and spontaneity is very important for day-to-day work.

Logical thinking and imagination of the processes and procedures are an absolute must in this job. Good time management skills and independent organisation are other key prerequisites for a successful site manager. Furthermore, he/she must love working with numbers.

I enjoy working at PORR because

Being a woman in this management position, I feel that I am valued as a site manager and I have a professional perspective. The compatibility of family and working life is also a given so that we can be fully operational.

In our company, everyone feels like an important part of something bigger. Each individual employee believes his/her position to be important and necessary. There is a friendly atmosphere among the colleagues. Thus, we are able to achieve a lot together and will continue to do so. Supervisors view employees are people. They support the potential and the interests of each individual.