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Occupational health and safety specialist

People at PORR . Mirjam W.

Why is your job important at PORR?

Sometimes I feel like the “conscience”. We all know that occupational safety is an extremely important aspect within PORR. I support my employees with the creation of an occupational safety organisation on the construction site and work with them to get the organisation running and to maintain it. It is important that each employee and personnel involved in the construction can go home healthy every day.

What does your normal work day look like?

If I am at the construction site, then I carry out safety inspections with site management and/or the foreman. We discuss any defects detected in the area of occupational safety, which are then remedied by site management/the foreman immediately if possible. Everything is documented in an inspection report and site management is requested to create a safe condition immediately. I advise site management on the selection of occupational safety measures, support them with the development of instructions and the creation of occupational safety documents.

A part of my on-going tasks include being involved in the creation of risk assessments, providing consults with regards to dealing with hazardous substance, and the preparation of occupational safety documents. Another area of responsibility includes the training and instruction of employees.

Occupational safety is an on-going process. If I notice that specific areas have potential for improvement, I discuss it with my superiors and create suggestions with my colleagues, which are then submitted to the management Team.

What qualifications are necessary?

A basic requirement is training as a safety officer, experience in this field of work is helpful. However, it is important to establish good relationships with the respective foreman/site manager/project Manager.

I enjoy working at PORR because

In the past few years I have earned the utmost trust of my superiors. I can manage my work independently as long as everything gets completed. This trust placed in me and for the work that I need to complete gives me strength and makes be proud to be part of the PORR team.